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Liuuuuuuuu by StrawberriOnTop Liuuuuuuuu by StrawberriOnTop
...oh gog the description went away ASFJDSFJSDF
here we go again

This is Liu, an OC I made to be one of =Owlivia's Otsuyu/Sable's ladyfriends :'D
her hair's all black but what was colouring it all /sob
sorry it's so messy uu |C

-meant to be an ameonna/ame-onna, or "rain woman"

-She's pretty serious, pokerfaces nearly all the time, and is fairly melancholy.  She's also hugely pessimistic, and tends to ruin people's moods; she sees the worst possible scenarios always, and thinking about them doesn't really bother her, so she assumes it doesn't bother anyone else either.  As a result, if someone comes to her with good news or some sort of worry, she'll probably end up shooting down any hope they have or pointing out all the bad results of the good news /sob
She's a real mood kill |:
This links back to the more modern use of the word "ameonna", people who have a tendency to ruin events by bringing the rain with them.
Not only does she literally bring the rain and clouds but she brings a ton of pessimism and sdjfsf
She just doesn't get it :'c
She also has a bad habit of taking things a little too far, she doesn't understand when people are getting annoyed by her pessimism or pointing out of the obvious <D She will, however, stop, if they tell her in a way that's obvious.
...the best way is to just be like "stop it right now you're bothering me"
most people don't say that :iconmingplz:
...she also likes to pull faces while she's talking, it's not too bad, but she does have a long tongue which can make certain expressions rather unnerving.

-She spends a lot of time by herself, as she does have some sense that she irritates/saddens people.
Muses a lot, and when she does, she has a tendency to rest her face in her hands, which could have been mistaken, long ago, for her licking it <'D
[Though she has been known to occasionally taste the rain that's always falling around her, she views it as a negative thing, and as such, she's always trying to figure out why people pray for it (when in doubt, taste it /no)]

-Lookswise, her hair is always wet and clinging to her; she doesn't really bother wearing makeup because she knows it'll wash off and/or streak down her face, so she sees no point in it, though she is fond of wearing rouge on her lips.
Her eyes are a dark gray, like stormclouds :'D

-Has a tendency to follow people like a duckling; it's rare she ever finds anyone who likes her, so she sticks to them if they can put up with her :'I which sometimes leads to them getting fed up of her but let's just...ignore her lack of sense :iconmingplz:
She's pretty childlike, not in the sense that she's overly immature, but she craves attention and wants to please people ;3;
Took the name of traveller she met once; she doesn't remember if she had a name before that.  ChinesenamebecausewhatisbeingfromamountaininChina.
Liu means willow, in connection to the concept of a weeping willow <'D

-Usually has leaves or plants somewhere on her, whether it be in her hair on stitched on her clothes, ameonnas are rumoured to bring rain for the crops, and she likes to have a reminder of this fact, as she considers it the only useful or helpful thing she can do.
Tends to dress simply and in drab colours; she figures if everything's going to get wet anyways it may as well be plain; the drab colours remind her of the rain, and so she just sticks with those colours. c:

-She's fascinated by lanterns and the like, she views them as a symbol of hope, because they can still be seen through the rain and gloom, sees them as something that guide people to warmth and acceptance and away from loneliness, which is something she wants for herself sdjfsf

-She craves the company of others, but they're usually put off by the rain, clouds, and general gloom she brings.

-She's like, all of 4'8", and fairly emaciated, she doesn't eat much, if at all, because she spends most of her time brooding and moping about.
Her proportions are a little 'off', if you will - her torso is a tad longer than 'normal' <'D

-She doesn't really know how humans think, she's fully aware of the fact that not everyone thinks like her, and yet she approaches them as if they do :iconorzplz:
Liu you're so awkward ajdsdf

...oh gog I hope this is ok
had like a paragraph of information to work from and I just
...ran off in a strange direction

Also I love making characters for other people's original projects
It's so much fuuuuuun

Liu belongs to me :eyes:
...but I guess she's technically =Owlivia's now <'D
Cosmos-Kitty Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
She looks pretty :3 coolies info XD and the pessimist side of her is awwwwwww :hug: nice work with her ^^
punkette180 Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
asdjkhsfd colourrr o3o She's gorgeoussss <33 and fff how do you draw long hair so incredibly well? /envygreen
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